Nick Infused with Yubel??

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Nick Infused with Yubel??

Post by Nick on Sun Aug 31, 2008 9:07 pm

Nick, his eyes yellow, his hair casting a slight shadow over his face, and wearing a different outfit than usual stands, begins a duel with another student. "I shall go first...I draw! Hm...I set a card! Then I activate Yubel's Sacrificial Calling! So I discard Scapegoat and Monster Gate from my hand...destroy my facedown Torrental Tribute, and remove the Monster Gate in my graveyard from play, to summon Yubel from my deck!" Yubel appeared in front of the two (ATK/0 DEF/0). "Well, well, hello Nicholas." "Yubel has 0 attack and defense points, what can she do?" "Simple, when attacked, she's not destroyed and I don't take damage, and when I activate my little spell here, Heart of Clear Water, and she can't be destroyed by anything. And normaly I'd have to tribute a monster each turn. but not when I use this card, I activate Yubel's Infusion. Now Yubel and I are one, now I give up one card each time I draw, and I don't have to. Oh, and what's this?" Nick reached into is pocket and grabbed two cards. "Seems I have two cards still in my hand. first I set a monster, then I activate Illuminating Light! Now my monster is flipped, and it's effect kicks in, but any flip effct monsters are destroyed, so I draw my five cards from Morphing Jar, and you discard your five and draw five more..." "But that's cheating! Illuminating Light wasn't even in your deck!" "And? The rules apply no longer..." Yubel and Nick said in unison. "And what do ya know, I drew a halfway decent card...I activate Allure of Darkness, then I draw two cards, then I must remove one dark monster from play, so I remove my Doom Shaman from play and I get to keep my cards...It's your turn, Eric." "I draw my card!" "Yubel! Do your stuff!" Yubel jumped into the air and landed in front of Eric. "Wait! What are you doing??" "She's ending the I said, the rules don't apply here..." The entire area became a shadowy realm. "What's going on??" "You ask too many questions..." Yubel held her hand out and an orange aura surrounded Eric. "You can never...have too much duel energy..." The area returned to normal and Yubel and Nick stand staring at Eric lying on the ground. "I am only following the rules for a select few...You were not one of them." Nick turned, smirking towards Duel Academy. Jeremy, Kurai, Jewel, Renjiro and Sakumo must be nearby. Nick's left arm, including his duel disk, started glowing. From what Nicholas here told me, they are the most powerful duelists and were even chosen to protect the Underword Deck, and Jaden and Syrus were taken care of already... "I will find you Jeremy! And I will find you, Kurai! I will find you all!"


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