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Post by Jeremy on Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:02 pm

1) Be as polite as you possible can.

2) keep the swearing to a minimum, this site should remain at the PG-14 rated level.

3) Try not to get angry over things like losing a duel, that kind of thing can happen

Deck Construction
1) Make sure that you have a deck that has some kind of theme. I don't want any straight beat down decks. This is to promote strategy in your dueling instead of pure aggression.

2) Be sure to follow the rules of Forbidden/Limited/Semi-limited cards. I want this site to be as realistic as possible and doing this helps with that.

Forbidden - http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Forbidden
Limited - http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Limited
Semi-Limited - http://yugioh.wikia.com/wiki/Semi-Limited

1) Remember that not every draw will be exactly what you need to win the duel. Try and remain as realist as possible. Everybody loses sometimes.

2) Make sure that when you challenge somebody to a duel that both people are online for the entire duel. This will make sure that the duel doesn't take a week per turn.

3) For each players turn you will post what your actions are and allow your opponent to do anything at any time they would normally be allowed. For example if your opponent has a face down card you will say what you do (summon a monster, set a card face down or play a spell...whatever) and give them the chance to activate whatever their card may be. This doesn't apply if the opponent has no face down cards. In that case you can simply continue on with your turn unless their monster has an effect that lets them do something. (Now you know why I said make sure all participants are online.)

4) DO NOT start a duel if you or the other person will not be able to finish it. So if you plan on getting offline, don't even start your duel until both players can stay.

5) The Egyptian God Cards as well as the Sacred Beast cards are off limits.

6) Please do not copy the decks of other people who are members of this site. I don't care if you copy a canon deck, just not any custom decks of the other players.

Getting New Cards
When your starting decks are finished (Each member is allowed 3 starting decks.) you are still able to get new cards...but you have to buy them at a card shop. In order to buy them you will post in the card shop what card you want and an admin will tell you how many DP you will need to spend. Every member begins with 3000 DP and can gain more when they win a duel.

DP Gained in battle

DP (duel points) is like money used to buy card packs, at the card shop in Duel Academy, or Domino City. Here is a list on how to get DP. You DO NOT gain any if you lose a battle.

100 points When you win a duel (reduce all life points)

50 for each monster you destroyed.

10 for each spell and trap card that you SUCCESSFULLY complete effects.

50 for a fusion summon, and 60 for a ritual summon.

80 for a Synchro Summon.

Double your total score if you won under 10 turns. (COMBINED turns. EX. you had 5 turns and your opponent has 4, thats 9 in total.)

After every duel you will tell an Admin that the duel is over and they will edit your DP's as needed after finding your score.

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