Jeremys Dragon Deck (Custom Cards)

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Jeremys Dragon Deck (Custom Cards)

Post by Jeremy on Mon Aug 11, 2008 7:07 pm

Gold Dragon - Banryoku X2
White Dragon - Benton X1
Black Dragon - Teneb X1
Ferocious Black Dragon X1
Ferocious Red Dragon X1
Silver Dragon - Argentum X1
Blood Dragon - Cruentus X1
Blue Dragon - Aquas X1
Darkness Dragon - Acerbus X1Dragon Elder - Pristinus X1
Gold Dragon - Rutilus X1
Pit Fiend Dragon X1
Pseudo Dragon X3
Snow Dragon Twins - Niveus and Gelide X1

(To find all these cards and their effects go here )

Dragon Heart X2
Dragon Showdown X1
Dragons Entwined X2
Attacking the Fortress X1
Draconic Burst of Elements X1
Dragons Moon X1
Dragons Volcano X1
Flight of the Dragon X1
Heavenly Seal of the Earthbound Dragon X1
Painting of the Dragons X1

(To see all these cards and their effects go here )

Dragon/Human Alliance X2
Eye of the Dragon X1
Drconic Reversal X2
Dragon/Angel - Forced Love X1
Kindness of Humans X1
Ying Yang Dragon X2
Mark of the Dragon X1

(To see all these cards and their effects go here )

King of Dragons - Bahamut X2
Queen Dragon Tiamaht X2
Angelic Dragon - Cealestis X2
Stardust Dragon X2 -
Red Dragon Archfiend X2 -

(To find these cards and their effects go here )

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