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Post by Trace on Sun May 10, 2009 4:55 pm

Name: Trace Time
Trace Bluedudewowl
Personality: He is overall kinda a loner, but if you get to him he is kinda fun to hang out with, that is if he isn't distracted with editing a deck. He is also kinda a perv, but normally is well kept and self-conscious.
Likes: He likes a challenge, cute girls, and dueling. His favorite thing to do is deck edit, and make his decks better. Making sure no dead draws are in them, ever.

Age: 16

Hates: boring people, short time periods of sleep. (He likes at least 9 hours of sleep, if he goes to sleep.)

History: Nothing to extreme, just a kinda normal history, except for the whole duel spirits thing, he wishes they would stop talking in his ear. Also, he has dueled for about a good 8 years.


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