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jewels chara

Post by jewel on Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:57 pm

Name: jewel



Personality:shy sweet timid, speacial around guys..

Likes: to duel... loves draw what she thinks the perfect card would look like [though she never keeps the drawing]

Dislikes: doesnt mind loosing as she does it alot, hates people who make fun of her and her drawings

History: jewel has always been into dueling though she's not to good at it, she loves it to death though. she wants to be a famouse card desginer and so she practices drawing every day her brother seth thinks she might actulyl make it, but downs on her everytime she looses a duel, so she gets flustrated and panicy everytime she duels as she trys to do her best thust that is the reason why she can't duel to good, though people give her credit for trying

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