Hashi's Character

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Hashi's Character

Post by Hashi on Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:53 pm



Looks:Hashi has messy/spiky long hair.He is 5'5 tall.He always has a seourious face and sometimes happy.

Personality:Hashi is a seoruis guy but can be happy at times.He loves to duel and loves to win.When he loses he can get mad soemtimes but he doesn't show his anger.He likes to teach the new generation how to play the game of yu-gi-oh.

Likes:To duel and have fun doing it.Loves to get new cards and customixe his deck.

Dislikes:To lose.He also hates people who are mean and pick on other people.

History:Hashi came from a middle class family.One day he was dueling someone in the stree (before going to the academy) and beat him easily.luckily the headmaster was watching the duel and asked Hashi for an all time scholarship.Hashi excited said yes cause he always wanted to go but he couldn't afford it.Hashi then took a plane with the headmaster to the academy and became a student...


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