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Post by Jeremy on Fri Aug 08, 2008 8:12 pm

Name: Jeremy

Age: 16


Personality: Jeremy is a calm and calculating personality but he also has his rebellious side. He will play mind games with his opponents and try and make them feel inadequate. He hates anybody that can manage to defeat him in a duel and is always trying to get better.

Likes: Likes to play chess and to duel. More then anything however, he likes girls. These are the only three things that he actually enjoys and he can only have fun when either playing chess, dueling or flirting with girls.

Dislikes: hates anybody that can defeat him in either chess or a duel and doesn't really like much of anything.

History: Jeremy has always been hidden in the shadows by his parents because of his rebellious side. His father is the CEO of a major sub-contractor working with Industrial Illusions to make Duel Monster cards and his mother is the Chief of Medicine at a major hospital so they try and keep up appearances as much as possible. When Jeremy was 13 he received his first dueling deck from his father as a birthday present and has been dueling ever sense. At first Jeremy could actually see and talk to his monsters, but after much talk of him being crazy from his parents he started to ignore the spirits and eventually stopped seeing them. He feels that if he can be the best duelist in the world then his parents would have to acknowledge him. When he turned 15 he joined the Duel Academy and has been doing well ever sense.

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