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Post by darkarro on Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:14 pm



Looks:short blue hair. greean eys white t-shirt Blue jeans black shoes.

Personality:Funny loves to duel anyone. CAn take a joke. A kind spirit that loves nature any all living things. Anyone who has a problem can talk to him.

Likes:Humor, winning duels, everyone one in a good mood

Dislikes:Strik people who never laugh. to see anyone who in a bad mood.

History:He was born in a hospital with no one there. His parents left him when he was born. When one day he was playing with a friend then his friend showed him saome cards. As Darkarro learned to play he got better and better. He enrolle din the duel academy. He was very advanced for a slifer red. When he went on to ra yellow he beat everyone there. He loves to win duels but also likes to lost so that he can learn from mistakes.


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Re: Darkarro

Post by Jeremy on Sun Aug 10, 2008 11:31 pm

approved, now just make your deck

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