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sai diamond

Post by sai on Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:20 pm

Name:sai dimand



Personality:.sai is a very brainy and fun loving young boy.He loves to draw his own cards and has had two cards really made.He is one of them kids who does everything he is told and is a real stuck up rich kid

Likes:sai loves girls,yugioh,pizza,dogs,and money

Dislikes:sai hates losing,being moneyless,not dueling,and onions

History:Sai was rich his intier life.He had all the best cards and got whatevr he wanted.His mom worked in a bank and his dad owned a yugioh card making company.His mom went out five long years ago and never came back.He started playing yugioh at around the age of six.He was never really any good so he paid people to let him win.He continued doing this until the age of eight when he finnaly noticed the kids making fun of his skill.He paid many high yugioh masters to train him.Around the age of ten his skill was noticed.His skill was regonized when he deffeted two teachers that were crimanals that tried to steel yugioh cards.He made many friends and many cards and victorys.


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