Nicholas Enact (Nick)

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Nicholas Enact (Nick)

Post by Nick on Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:22 pm

Name: Nicholas Enact, Nick for short

Age: 14

Looks: I'll show a pic and describe it...

Nick blue hair and green eyes. He always wears a blue jacket, even though he is a freshman, therefore in Slifer Red at Duel Academy. He has three different disks, the Academy disk, a Battle City disk, and an Chaos Duel Disk (Look Below) he found abandoned by a canyon.

Academy Disk

Battle City Disk

Chaos Disk

Personality: When he is dueling, he is very cocky, but outside of dueling he is quiet, he wishes to obtain all Millineum items, not to use their dark power, but to prevent an evil doer to use it.

Likes: Dueling, his own made up cards, Millenieum items

Dislikes: People who think they'll win inevitably

History: When Nick was young, he would always pretend that he was his favorite card, Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon. He kept his distance from his peers, though when they mentioned the word "duel" he would grab his deck and run to them. He has decided to take the entrance exam and join Duelist Academy, even though he scored 100% on his written exam and won his test duel without losing a single life point, he was still put in Slifer Red, but he feels he deserves to be in Obelisk Blue, so he always wheres his blue jacket/vest. While adventuring around the northern part of the Duel Academy Island, Nick found a strange item on the ground. He knew once he picked it up, it was one of the seven Milleneum Items, the Millenium Ring. He was looking for one, and since he found one, as long as he had it, nobody like Marik Ishtar could gather them. Now he wears it around his neck. Luckily, his will is able to conceal his Yami self.


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