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Post by Sakumo on Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:04 pm

Name: Sakumo

Age: 15

Looks: has long black hair that reaches his eyes. Blue T-shirt and white shorts.

Personality: Sakumo loves to duel, ever since he got his first card. Is cheerful even if he loses a duel, and encourages people if they lose against him.

Likes: Likes to duel and collect cards. Likes to eat and explore.

Dislikes: Dislikes losing, but gets over it.

History: Sakumo came from an orphange. At age 10 he recived a duel monster card, the red eyes black chick, for his 10th birthday. Ever since then, he started collecting cards, and even heard the spirit of his first card, from there on, being his duel spirit. At age 15, he had enough money and a deck, so he ditched the orphanage and joined duel academy.

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